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How much does it cost to be in the program?
Opportunity Ministries' participation fees are collected on a weekly basis. Weekly rates are as follows:

$130.00        Two-person Room
$155.oo         Single Room
Frequently Asked Questions
Is a security deposit required to enter the program?
No. Opportunity Ministries is a pay-as-you-go program and we do not charge a security deposit. 
What amenities does Opportunity Ministries offer?
​Single and Two-Person Rooms
Cable TV
Wireless Internet Access
On-site Laundry 

How long is a typical stay in the program?
​The Opportunity Ministries’ program is voluntary and has no set length. However, successful participants typically stay 1 year to 18 months.

Do you accept clients on maintenance programs?
Opportunity Ministries strives to meet participants where they are and we understand that everyone’s recovery journey is unique to them. We are willing to consider all individuals. Ultimately, Opportunity Ministries’ hope is for participants to achieve complete abstinence from all substances.​
Can I have my cell phone in the program?
Yes. Opportunity Ministries does not restrict cell phone usage.
I have children. Can they live with me at the Opportunity House?
Children are not permitted to live in the Opportunity Houses. However, Opportunity Ministries encourages family visits under certain guidelines. Contact the Opportunity Ministries office for more information.